Pearl Meritokrater

Was born i Canada on the road. Her farther as her only parent when her mother died at child birth. He was a hunter and a teacher like his older brother Robert. And that was what Pearl got. They hunted dear and read poetry at the camp fire.

But she hated the life in the traveling car from town to town and never understood way daddy never settled down. And that curse followed her in solid life as a reporter that lived alone. A woman living alone at 29 years old and taking care of her self. No one grasped that concept but her father that she barely stayed in contact with.

Wishing for nothing more then getting the American family and a house to grow old in. But the fear of a man with mussels rescuing her on his shining horse was the worst man she could find. She was not some one that needed rescue. What she needed was the right to wote and take care of her self. A simple man working with the earth.

Way was she thinking on this thing? A man to love…
She had the job she loved and was more educated then any one she know at here age. Was it because she was a woman and all her child hood friends had baby children saying mama.

Or that the rest of the family talked about her way of life. Her stubborn personality. At least dad and Robert talked about her papers and writings. Her knowledge and education witch are the most important things in life. That she stands on her tow on legs and walk forward.

There is nothing out there that man kind should not know about.’

Pearl are where calm and Friendly to all. She has the upper class behavior on the way to behave.

But she hate that she travels and seek to find her real home.

She loves to learn and live to understand.

She cherish beauty and are raised to look good. Behave properly at the diner table. But to her, the most important thing is your education.

She has a big suitcase that she can carry but don´t let any one see she do. There is always a young escort at hotels willing to use his strength.

In it
-Proper cloths for all occasion.
-Make up
-Cloths for a boy if she needs to look like one. Makes a lot of things essayer some times.
-Fake but once reall Mustache
-Pictures of her and Father hunting when she was 16.
-THE CAMERA. And all equipments you need to make a restroom in to a photo room.
-A book from the local library about Indians and there demons. A story of a young Indian running away from a shaman.
-A book about all kinds of stons for here hobby intress in them.
-Her writhing machine.



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